Monday, October 09, 2006

My How Time Flies

CJ & Dave - June 2002
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We've been celebrating CJ's 5th birthday for like, days now since my mom has been
in town since last Thursday, and I just can't believe how old he is now. That's why
I've been a little lax about posting anything in the past few days. I've simply not had
time. And on that subject, where does all that time go anyway? I feel like lately I've
been so caught up in the day to day that I have completely not stopped to smell the
roses AT ALL. I mean, I'm not even driving by the roses. The roses have totally gone
by without as much as a whif. CJ is picking up on this upheavel lately and has started
to act out severely. But I think a good dose of NOTHING might do the trick. Ever think
you're whole life is passing you by in an instant? Like, I also can't believe Andrew is
already 9 months old, too. Wasn't I just pregnant? We also celebrated by mom's 68th
birthday this weekend, too since hers is the 12th, and so all this talk about aging and
time is on the front burner of my mind right now.

Personally, I hate getting old. I hate the thought of dying, and I hate to see my mom
getting older because that means that I'm getting older. We were looking over some
baby pictures of CJ, and I swear I look like a teeanger in these pictures! And it was
only 5 years ago. Having a second child has taken light years off my smooth face.
But this post is not all about me and my wrinkled, 35 year old face. It is to mark this
passing of time, these moments that we age, as our children grow and become less
dependant. It's about stopping time now. About stopping things to just sit down on the
living room floor and play a puzzle. About kissing my son's forehead for no reason
because he still lets me. And it's about hanging on to this time as long as I can.
Because it seems so fleeting.... Happy Birthday, my first born. Mama loves you.


Blogger Kathy McC said...

Happy Birthday, CJ!!!

12:43 PM


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