Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not Big News, It's Like BIG NEWS

I got the Job!!! And it's not like, I got the job, hey great I'm making more money and doing something cool, it's like I'm making 65% MORE MONEY and doing something REALLY COOL. I'm still in a state of shock. To share with you the setting leading up to the biggest news of my recent life, picture me, at my computer working diligently on a powerpoint deck that is due next Wednesday, when the phone rings. It is an HR recruiter. And I'm thinking, "OK, he's calling to either tell me I've been rejected or to offer me the job." (For those of you keeping up, you know I had 7 interviews last week for this job, so it's been quite grueling to say the least). I was completely deaf to his whole introductory speech until he made it up to the these words: " that being said, they would like to extend the offer to you for the position, and this is a big jump for you in salary as they would like to offer you $X." At which time my hand begins to shake and an ear to ear grin begins to take over my whole face. He then continues, "I think this is probably the biggest salary increase I have ever seen someone get here at " 'company x' ". Trying to contain my composure before I transform into some giddy school girl and start screaming with glee as I run down the halls of the cubes, I didn't want to totally freak out on this HR guy, who had a really deep and sexy voice by the way. With an "ahem", I obviously took their offer.

Maybe this all sounds so silly to some readers out there who have been making a lot of money for a while now, but since me and Dave's financial setbacks about 5 years ago, it has taken this long to get back on track. I'm 35 years old right now, and I felt time was ticking away for me to get my career back on track. We have 2 children who need to live in a nice neighborhood in a good school district. We need a new car. We need to buy a house someday. And we need a new computer. I really don't want much out of life, but this living paycheck to paycheck type of lifestyle is for the birds. I've laid awake far too many nights worrying about how the electric bill was going to get paid, or praying to God that our kids don't get terribly sick because where was I going to come up with a hospital co-pay, and I would be damned if I had to crawl back to my mother's again to have her bail me out. So if you haven't noticed, I'm feeling really good about myself today. I know everyone has been wishing me well over these past few weeks, so thanks for that. Dave and I went out with his sister and her husband last night to celebrate, while my niece watched the kids. The last 24 hours have been a really whirlwind talking to friends and family. I'm still dizzy with excitement.

The way I feel about this right now is that all these dues have finally paid off -- I'm so PSYCHED.


Blogger Kathy McC said...

Congrats! Wonderful news!!

3:55 PM

Blogger jim said...


Totally awesome, congratulations.


5:37 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Hooray! That is awesome!

Although I am a little sad you'll be leaving Columbus, however. Seems like every time I meet a new Columbus blogger, they're leaving town. ;) (Tammie from Soul Gardening was the other one.)

I'm still so happy for you, though!

7:52 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Actually, they decided to keep the job in Columbus - AND move it to their other site at which is this mega building right down the street from me! It's just all too unbelievable. I could come home for lunch it's that close. So we'll be right here in Columbus indefinitely. :)

9:00 AM

Blogger Sweet Coalminer said...


11:02 AM

Blogger Shannon said...

Katie, popped over from my site following your message. Just wanted to add my congratulations and say "nice site".

In answer to your question Dylan is 7 months tomorrow - yeeek, how time flies!!!

3:24 AM


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