Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pillow Talk on Daycare

Andrew-8 mths
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I have a love-hate relationship with daycare facilities. This is not a post
about how sending your kid to a daycare is wrong, because I know that there
are millions of parents who must put their kids in daycares. My point is, I
have always been a firm believer that if you can avoid sending your children
to daycare stay home with them, it's really much more ideal. Sometimes I
think people have gotten way out of control with thinking they need to
sustain 2 incomes to pay for all of the unnecessary things like Plasma tvs,
Hummers and the endless supply of useless toys for said kid. We all
want the American dream, including myself like I mentioned in earlier posts
about needing to get a better job to upgrade my income, but I'm talking
about necessary things like a modest house in a nice neighborhood.

So why am I bantering about daycare today, you ask? Because I took
Andrew to work with me last week to spend 2 days in the back-up daycare
facility they have there, just to give Dave a break while he wanted to get
some other things done, and we have been paying for it ever since in
the form of fevers, sleepless nights, occasional vomit, and endless
diarrhea. How do these parents of kids in daycare all the time do it?
Well, I gotta go - I've got another runny diaper waiting for me to change.


Blogger Christina said...

Cordy went into daycare at 3 months old. Within two weeks she had her first illness, and she went from illness to illness constantly until we took her out of daycare at 10 months. Since then, she rarely gets sick.

I know it will all come back again when she starts preschool next year, and I've already started stockpiling Emergen-C packets to fight off all those nasty bugs.

7:57 AM

Blogger Bird said...

I have to say-I love the daycare my children are in. Well at least the baby. We have the double income not to pay for daycare-but to pay the mortgage, and bills-we are in debt with the daycare!

We don't have anything really extra or fancy. Just a crazy life. For where we are it was either daycare or a nanny-and I just don't trust one person watching my child. My kids were sick in the beginning, now they hardly ever get sick (knock on wood) and when they do, it is usually just a runny nose cold.

4:06 PM

Blogger Kristi said...


Those are my feelings exactly.

I realize that for some families, it is a financial necessity.

My husband and I opted for less to give our children more. This means driving used cars, getting a bit more mileage out of our hand-me-down furniture and putting off the luxury vacations. (Aren't all vacations a luxury?)

We are making it work. I am a SAHM, sort of. I do work part time, waiting tables on Dan's nights off. It is the best of both worlds for us.

I know Aveline has had one ear infection and one stomach bug in 17 months. Sadly, they were both at the same time.

Hang in there with the runny diapers. Ain't mommyhood grand?

8:18 AM


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