Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shhh... Mama's Watching "Lost"

Since today, Thursday, September 28, 2006, will be the first in all of the next Thursday postings following the new episodes of the best drama TV has ever seen, I say, let's light this candle and get Lost back on the air. No more recap shows. No more reaction shots to the phantom jungle noises. No more first season whining about the crash. No more! Give me what I need. Feed my addiction. GIVE ME A NEW EPISODE OF LOST. One more week to wait for season three. Alas, it will be a long week.

As for my review of the recap show, as a dedicated viewer of the show since day one, I didn’t need the backstory in the first half of the show. As far as I was concerned the juice didn’t start to flow again until I was reminded of all the twists and turns of the season finale of last year. And imagine my disappointment when I learned they weren’t going to show the season finale again! I swear the TV Guide stated that they were going to show the season finale on Monday night 9/25. I'm not the only one who saw that. And Monday night came and went with no Lost. As someone who did not spend big bucks on the DVD, I was hanging on thinking they would at least show the season finale again. Big bummer. But I was still searching the show for all the hanging clues….. henry Gale says to Michael, "Follow compass point 3-2-5" as he drives away in the boat with Walt…. I’ve been trying to figure that one out since last May. The stuff on You Tube totally blows me away. And are the Others the good guys? Is the island caught in a time warp, another dimension created by the Hanso Foundation? Are they ever going to get back to the colossal foot that Said found on the other side of the island? And how about Desmond – did he die in the atomic white-out?

Breathe, Kate, breathe. It will be a long season. A long season to ponder the many theories. Anyone else a freak like me?


Blogger jim said...

WE AGREE!!!! The best show in a really long time. I think I've changed my mind about 30 times as to what that island is. And I could use a look at the season finale again just to reignite my engine on this one. One of my last thoughts was that yes, the others were the good guys.


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