Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fox News vs. Bill Clinton and The Dems: Round 1

I've been so caught up with my job news over the past few days, that I've neglected to comment on Bill Clinton's most recent interview on Fox News (I'm not putting a link here purposefully). I have always loved Bill Clinton, regardless of his dalliances with a certain intern while in office, he is a great leader, a cunning politician, and is an extremely intellectual and smart person, which is far from an accurate description of our current President. While a student at Rutgers University, I shook hands with him during one of his visits. I was exceptionally pleased to find that he is just as charismatic in person.

So imagine my excitement when I viewed his most recent interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News. I don't watch Fox News, so it was only through other news programs that I came across the heated exchange. The DNC chairman, Howard Dean, stated it's just what the democrats needed to fuel the November elections, and my goodness how correct he is. There has been some peer pressure to conform lately, for fear America will not trust democrats to handle national security, and it's about time somebody spoke up against that impression. Thanks, Bill, once again for giving new found life to my party!


Blogger Christina said...

I loved his comments, and it has only upset me that the news media and current administration tends to focus only on "his crazed, conspiracy-ridden outburst".

The way the current administration twists the written and spoken word into complete lies (that some people believe) astounds me. They are masters at manipulation.

Go Bill!

10:25 AM

Blogger jim said...

This is what I was sort of talking about in one of my other posts. They are ALL (Dem or Rep) f***in crooks and liars. Power and money hungry SOB's who would sell their own mother if they thought it would make them look good. The word Ethics is non-existent in their vocab.

No matter which administration is in, they spend all their time blaming the other for whatever ails the country at that minute instead of just trying to work together to fix it. As long as we the public stand up and say hooray for one or the other it will never change. I wish I knew the solution.

Vote Ross Perot :)


10:49 AM

Blogger Kate said...

LOL Ross Perot! Just what we need, another good ol' boy from Texas!

12:21 PM


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