Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Babies and Bad Hair Days

Forget my sagging boobs, bulging butt or crow's feet, my children have completely ruined my hair. Ever since I had my first child, it has never bounced back. Literally. It is this mane of brown frizz that calls itself a hairstyle. And I can only have one type of hairstyle now - no longer can I enjoy long shiny locks, I am now under the control of these wavy, frizzy strands. And before you ask, do I look like I have the time to use a straightening iron in the morning while I'm trying to beat the clock to get to work on time? Noway. It's the "mommy" look for me: EASY. Thanks to a great hairstylist and some hairspray, I have found one easy hairstyle that lets me have a pretty low-maintenance "do". All my products are lined up and ready to go.

Recently I have finally settled into the acceptance of having to conform to this one hairstyle. And thanks to the help of my trusty hairspray I can usually have a pretty cool coif. Little did I know, that things were about to change. One day not long ago, Dave came home from the grocery store with about 3 bottles of my favorite hairspray: Finesse. He said they were on the clearance rack, and thought I would appreciate stocking up. Well now that my stock has run dry, I put my hairspray back on the grocery list. Dave returns from the grocery store with no hairspray. He claims it is nowhere to be found. In a panic, I run to the grocery store in disbelief. And he's right. Not there. I run to Target. No there either. I have not exhausted all resources yet, but I fear something larger may have happened here. The obvious should have dawned on me when Dave returned with bottles from the clearance rack -- are they getting rid of Finesse? How can they do this to me? Have you ever been attached to a brand?

My search still continues. But I'm getting scared. I'm really fussy about my hair. I don't wear that much makeup, I hate lipstick, I'm not that much of a fashion diva, but rainy days and wind tunnels totally ruin my day.


Blogger jim said...

Now I know I really am sick today, I actually read this whole post !!!!


3:45 PM

Blogger Karen said...

I had a particular lipstick that I absolutely loved and the dang company went out of business.

I can relate!

1:49 PM


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