Sunday, September 24, 2006

Follow up to the Big News

I realized after Christina's comment that I failed to mention that we don't have to move to Chicago for the job. They are going to keep it here in Columbus since they have some employees from the team already here. I will have to work with my boss remotely, but with instant messaging, phones and email, it should be fine. Now this particularly part of the news gets even better -- they have 2 sites here in Columbus one that's about a 25 minute commute for me in the morning, and one that happens to be right down the street from me. So not only is the job staying in Columbus, they are moving me to the building that is right down the street from me. I mean, this place is so close I could come home for lunch if I wanted to and see the kids! That to me was a great perk about this job, too. I don't think it all could get any better. But now the real work begins. After leaving my job in NYC in 1999, I've had pretty no-brainer jobs for the last 5 years because I could never land a better one, so now that I've finally landed a better one, it's becoming apparant to me in the haze of my hangover that I'm scared as shit... Yikes!


Blogger jim said...


Scared is good, it means you care that you do the job well. IMO, and from my experience, the majority of this country has a work ethic that pales in comparison to the one we were demanded to bring to the office in NYC. I mean this even for professionals making $50,000 a year or more. Keep that mentality in your head and your new employers will be salivating over the catch they got.


3:45 PM

Blogger Christina said...

OK, now I'm happy that you're sticking around Columbus! Yay!

And right down the street? Could this dream job get any better for you?

3:46 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

Congratulations! One very smart employer....

9:13 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Jim -- yes there was an extreme amount of project ownership expected of us at Man Tran. How well said - you've made me feel so much better, thanks.

9:06 AM

Blogger Bird said...

congrats! I am very excited for you-your situation is an inspiring one as I am TRYING to talk my spouse out of our NYC commuter/family lifestyle

12:07 PM


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