Friday, October 13, 2006

'Lost' 3x02: Believe It, Jack, the Red Sox Won

This episode seemed divided into 2 parts, unlike last week's season premiere. In one part, we learned a lot about Sun and Jin's relationship, as well as the relationship between Jin and his father-in-law. It
tied up some loose ends for me, because in season one, we only saw a part of an incident in which Jin came home with blood on his hands, and we were led to believe Jin was part of some Japanese mafia or something. Now we know who's blood that was, and that he was not a hit man after all. So it satisfied that story line, and I also personally like Sun and Jin as characters so I didn't mind the backstory last night.

So here comes the "big but": it seemed to steer away from all these cliffhangers we were left with last season yet again. Personally, for me the best part of the episode was the last 5-7 mins when Ben was teasing Jack with the possibility he would be able to "go home" if he did what he wanted him to do. And what is "home"? Supposedly Michael and Walt were able to go home by driving off in the boat to compass point 3-2-5. But, we know better than that, right Lost fans? Michael and Walt are just going to drive in circles to one day (next spring is my guess) shout Land Ho! on the island again. But I thought it was really funny when Ben used the example about the Red Sox winning the world series to prove that he has contact with the outside world since my husband is a huge fan. So... is that really true? Do the Others really have contact with the outside world? Or are they just TV feeds from the leaders of the Dharma Initiative to trick them, too into thinking they have contact. Is everyone being fooled by a larger unseen presence? Is everyone unknowingly a rat in a cage?


Blogger Karla said...

I am a huge lost fan too. I totally missed the first two season on TV (I must have been living on another planet, I know,) but rented both seasons and spent two weeks glued to my TV. The show is so compelling. Can't wait for tonight's episode.

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