Monday, September 18, 2006

Finally....Logic Has Arrived

When the subject of abortion comes up, I have always been pro-choice. I have firmly believed that it is really not my business to tell people what to do with their body, unless it impacts me in some way. It's not my responsibility to guide them morally. We are all born with free choice. Likewise, I am also in favor of assisted suicide if that is what the person wants to do. Again, that person's suicide has no bearing on me whatsoever, so I am in no place to judge them or enforce any morality on them. I've often thought that most of the pro-lifers in this country have a lot of nerve to tell people what to do with their own body. They seem to have violently defended their beliefs, and to me that is seriosuly crossing the line by bombing abortion clinics, etc. They feel it is right to kill another human being to protect the rights of an unborn fetus? Isn't that killing to prove that killing is wrong? But It is way too early on a Monday morning for such deep, nonsensical thought. So anyway, deep, nonsensical thought is not specifically what my soapbox is about today. Today, I heard about a great bill that is being introduced by Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio. The Legislation is about trying to discourage the increase in abortions. Which is an ingenius tactic against the pro-life conservative. I have been saying for years that pro-lifers seem more concerned with making sure a woman has her baby at full term, rather than actually giving her birth control to discourage her from getting pregnant in the first place, and then when she does get pregnant, they never defend any public programs for taking care of that mother and her baby. I heard a great term this morning on the radio: "Pre-Lifers". Which really more accurately describes the pro-lifers.

So I'm so excited about this legislation. Not because I love abortions. I actually really hate abortions. That's why it was so refreshing to me this morning to hear the news about this legislation. Finally someone is addressing the issue head-on! It's so pro-active. Teaching abstinence to an adolescent 16 year old with raging hormones is not only unrealistic, but is the ultimate pre-cursor to unwanted pregnancy. And not giving public assistance to the mother who you really wanted to have that baby is deplorable. Because while pro-lifers are so busy teaching abstinence in the auditoriums of schools and churches, the teeangers are in the backseats of cars having unprotected sex with no birth control or concern for STDs. If you take the stance that if you don't talk about "it", "it" will go away is insane. And we could go on in circles for days about fighting poverty, providing better education, discouraging pre-marital sex, blah blah blah. There are myraid problems surrounding the moments that lead up to a woman entering the doors of an abortion clinic. The sociological and economical issues are the issues that we can address and work on. But the fact remains that sex is here to stay. We cannot change that. Hormones are genetically ingrained in our systems. We cannot fight them. We are programmed to procreate. I'm alive because of sex. You are alive because of sex. Sex happens. Get over it.


Blogger Kathy McC said...

Oh, don't get me started on this issue. I feel very much as you do on this. I am glad someone finally got a reality check and used their brains...

8:32 AM

Blogger Mom101 said...

It's great legislation - if only it would pass. The sad truth is that dozens of bills have been introduced by dems with the goal of reducing unwanted pregnancies, each one shot down by a hard line GOP opposition, who feel that to give in on anything but religious counselling or abstinency only programs, that it will alienate the religious-right base.

Don't get me started.

9:56 AM

Blogger Christina said...

Wonderful post, and I couldn't agree more!

My belief has always been that if you want to reduce the number of abortions dramatically, you need a society educated about sex, and you need birth control to be abundant, easily accessible, and free.

Which means that they need to stop hiding the condoms behind the pharmacy counter. Grrr...

1:05 PM

Blogger Kate said...

That's funny about the stuff behind the pharmacy counter - I was thinking about your post about the pregnancy tests at Kroger -- I was in Target the other day, and there they are, right out in the open. No going behind the counter for them!

10:33 AM


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