Sunday, January 28, 2007

Finger Fetish

When I think of my children as adults, I have the usual idyllic thoughts of wanting them to be successful financially, be great parents if they want to be, find someone nice to be in a relationship with, be socially conscious, and be really happy. We all want these things for our children, right? Well, how about the genes that we know they have inherited that might sabotage all that we want for our kids - what do we do with the ones that make us have tendencies for alcoholism, smoking, over-eating, and depression? I don't have a plan yet as to how I want to talk to my kids about the fact that daddy's uncle and cousin committed suicide, my brother is an alcoholic, and I'm obsessive compulsive. Like, when is it a proper age to start explaining all the crappy things about life?
Well, I'm sure the answer will come to me one day, but for now, my youngest son seems to have been born with his own idiosynchrosy. He is obsessed with fingers. Not the whole hand, just fingers specifically.
Like a smoker who needs his nicotine fix, my son needs his "finger nightcap". He studies them, he touches them, he squeezes them and he doesn't let go until he's drifted off to dreamland. So in addition to the binky addiction, there's the finger fetish. I have no idea where this obsession began. Ever since he was a little baby, he has gravitated for the fingers. It seems to comfort him greatly.
Now before everyone jumps to conclusions since I began this post about genes, my husband is not obsessed with fingers or toes, or wants me to wear high-heeled hooker boots to bed or anything. Neither of us have any crazy fetishes, so I find it hysterical that my son loves other people's fingers so much. And there is no bias with him, as he likes to touch anybody's fingers. Just so long as he can squeeze them, everything seems all right in his world.
So is my son the only freak for bodily parts, or do any of you have secret festishes??


Blogger Mayberry said...

I don't, but my daughter is a big-time thumb-sucker (actually, so were my sister and I) and she also has to touch her bellybutton whenever she sucks her thumb. I posted about it once:

9:32 PM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

My son pretends that his right hand is his imaginary "baby". Sometimes he even clasps ribbons in his hand for baby's hair. With all the ribbons from the holiday season, "baby" had tons of different hair.

12:41 AM

Blogger Christina said...

No known fetish here. Cordy likes to point to noses, but that's mainly because it was the first body part she ever learned. Oh, and she occasionally likes to lick her fingers and the palm of her hand. No idea why on that one.

12:41 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

My daughter rubs her belly. She just loves the belly (then again, I love her belly too). One of my sons for years would stick his hand up people's shirts to rub the top of their arms. If no adult arm was available, he would go up his shirt and rub his shoulder.

Mr. Shoulder is now 6 and doesn't do it anymore. He laughs when I tell him about it. I actually miss it.

11:30 PM

Anonymous Mitch McDad said...

OK. First of all. Feel free to keep Mr Fingers away from my girls. Aw crap I dread the High School years.

My own personal fetish now, is sex outside of marriage. Unfortunately, my wife does not allow this, so i suppose that leaves me with the old stand by: plucking ear hair.

3:36 AM

Anonymous Laura - chickens and cheerios said...

For a LONG time Stella was a shoe nut. She would take shoes off of embarassing. She had to change her own shoes literally 40-50 times a day. SO glad those days are over.

Grant's fetish is anything with fringe. Blankets, scarves, etc. The boy likes his fringe.

8:21 PM

Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

LA Mommy has this thing where she takes three of her fingers and puts the middle one on top of a blanket and the outside two on the bottom. She sort of kneads the blanket for comfort. She can't explain it, but said she's always done it and doesn't know why.

Me, I've got to touch walls as I walk along a long hallway.

Of course, your little one will probably just stop doing it someday and won't ever remember it until you decide to humiliate him about it in front of his date some evening.

7:03 PM

Blogger Birdsword said...

my son loves to fall asleep playing with my hair-caressing it etc. to the point that I am thinking of getting him an american doll girl, just so if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he can stroke her hair and fall asleep. But maybe that is weird. I am not sure?

7:41 PM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

I hope you're doing okay. I've missed reading your posts. I tagged you on my blog to tell 6 interesting things about yourself.

11:50 PM

Anonymous morey said...

Morey said...
Ever since I was a teenager I loved womens fingers which has turned into a fetish for me!I love women whom have long skinny fingers with long red nails!I cant help myself to stare at a womans fingers with long french manicured fingernails,My therapist had told me its not a "Bad" thing at all! I find it unique and Im O.K. with it.

6:56 PM


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