Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pimp My Blog

Since the lovely and talented, Allison from Soccer Mom in Denial, nominated me for a Weblog Award, once I returned from cloud nine (thank you Allison, I owe you utter gratitudeness!), I felt it was time for an extreme blog makeover to go from blog blah to blog fabulous. And as a start, I’ve designed for myself a swanky new banner. What do you think?

Problem is, since I don’t have time to read HTML code for Dummies, I am at a loss on how to get this sucker up on my site. So I turn to you my bloggy friends, can anyone lend this javascript lacking cyber friend a hand? I can guarantee no monetary compensation because I am a tight ass cheap-skate, although I could offer some free banner design (if you think I’m designer-worthy), and some home-baked chocolate chip cookies. Anyone up to the task?


Blogger Mayberry said...

That is extremely cool. I wish I knew how to put it into your template 'cause I would love to trade for a design for my boring place.

11:23 AM

Blogger Kathy McC said...

Very nice!

4:23 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

Hey as a thank you for the worthy nomination (and good luck!) you could design something for me too!

Seriously, I hope you find someone to help you with the HTML. That is a terrific design. And please tell me you are in graphic design because it is your calling....

6:38 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Allison - no, I am not in graphics design - trainer in a big bank. But I have done graphics as a side gig for a while. I would be glad to help you design a new banner. Hey maybe this is my calling - I'm helping someone else, too! Email me -

6:47 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

I will. But get a new job! That image is terrific...

8:15 PM

Blogger Day said...

Looks good. Are you trying to place it in with Blogger?

10:09 PM

Blogger creative-type dad said...

Nice! Can't help though. I still have trouble using the microwave

3:23 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Day -- yes I'm keeping the same page here in Blogger, just trying to change the banner.

7:23 AM

Blogger Christina said...

I can probably help you, although the new Blogger is a little more tricky. If you don't mind giving me access to your account, and the URL where you have the banner saved, I can probably play around with it and get it working.

Besides, I'm local, so I know the cookies would be fresh! ;)

10:47 AM

Blogger Amber said...

I hope you can figure it out. This is why I paid someone to do it for me. :-)

5:44 PM


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