Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006: The Replay

Life’s tough when you’re 5. You’re shorter and slower than everybody, and when you’re trying to catch up with everyone on a football field you gotta do what you gotta do. Little did they know how I plotted to foil their plan and sneak in with my attack. So we huddled together to discuss our plays...

I studied my opponents carefully until I knew how to go in for the tackle. Who cares that we were supposed to be playing touch football. Touch football is for wimps. I made sure they understood that I meant business in this backyard by intimidating my prey.

And in for the kill I went!

But life’s really tough when you’re 5. And it gets even tougher when you tackle the old guy at the knees who just got a hip replacement and he falls on you. Oh well. There’s always next Thanksgiving when I'll be 6 and then I can really whip some butt.


Blogger Christina said...

Awww...poor guy. It is tough being the small one. Soon enough he'll be big enough to take them all on.

3:38 PM

Blogger Amber said...

Six. Now THAT is the age where some real butt-kicking will begin.

7:12 PM

Blogger Karla said...

So cute.

10:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Problem is, He's too small for Defensive End!!!, the position he appears to be playing. Who's the coach!!! His size would justify a roaming free safety. Or maybe just kickoff return on special teams.

10:41 AM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

One of my guy prefers to be the ref. He loves the power of the whistle. You should see him at a pick up rugby game. He's constantly blowing the whistle while these huge guys from Tonga and Ireland say "Ref? Why'd blow da whistle?"

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, your post on beatiful surroundings was wonderful. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and that's the truth, not me being sarcastic.

9:01 AM


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