Thursday, November 09, 2006

'Lost' 3x06: Please Don't Kill My Eye Candy

So after I performed my Post-Election Happy Dance (no, I do not have video), I settled in for an adrenaline-pumping, sweat-dripping, full throttle episode of Lost. Well, I was about as happy as a Republican campaign manager on Tuesday night. What was previewed as the “Fall Finale” of Lost, hardly left us with a nail-biting cliffhanger. Even though Dave and I were trying to juggle 2 fussy kids who didn’t seem to want to get to sleep for whatever reason, I managed to view most of the show while walking around the living room with a cranky 10 month old (no, I don’t have TiVo). We were left with some scenarios to ponder for the next 12 weeks about the future existence of some major characters. I’m inclined to worry about whether people will live or die, as the producers exhibit no inhibitions on killing off characters. But I have to ask myself some real questions: Do I care if Ben dies? He’s a great, evil character, but I can live without him. Do I care if Sawyer dies? Yes, because I like the eye candy, and he reminds of a long, lost boyfriend who whispered similar terms of endearment such as “freckles” into my ear in that same southern drawl. Did the flashback of Kate’s life on the run offer any insight? Definitely no. And what the hell is “Jacob’s list”? And who the hell is Jacob? Like I need more unsolved mysteries. Give me answers! I need more answers! I guess the reason for my apathy is that they didn’t “suck me in” enough in the last 6 episodes to really care about what happens. Too much valuable story time was wasted on the slow-moving, gratuitously violent drama between the Kate, Sawyer, Jack and the Others. Last season seemed to have a better balance between story lines.

That’s just about all I can say about last night’s episode. I’m still a diehard fan, so I’ll wait it out until February 7th, but until then I just wonder if peripheral fans will drop out and lose interest. Bad move on the part of ABC to have this long of a hiatus. I could maybe have lived with 6 weeks. But 12 weeks? That seems like a lifetime just to find out whether Sawyer lives or dies. I hope they don't kill my eye candy.


Blogger Heather said...

See, I'm of the opinion that I'd rather they play all the new episodes, take a break and do a different show, then come back with all new episodes again. I hate getting all excited for Lost to find it's a rerun. (no cable here)

Yeah. I doubt they'll kill off Sawyer (James). If they do they're seriously stupid.

Also don't care if Ben lives or dies.

I kind of like it when they add more questions. I'm weird like that I guess.

I was oddly interested in this part of Kate's backstory for some reason.

Thanks for giving me a place to chat about it!

12:01 AM

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

You know, I'm not totally convinced that Ben is the bad one. But I agree with the rest and I'd like to add that I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG FOR A NEW EPISODE!!

It really stinks being addicted to a television show.

10:07 AM

Blogger carrie said...

I hope you can make it until they resume - you and my husband!!! I missed a few episodes and gave up! :)


2:59 PM

Blogger jim said...

Hey good part is in the "preview" promo for Feb, they announced 16 new episodes. Which would make a total of 22 for the season. That's a lot for a show nowadays.

Oh, and don't worry, if they kill off Sawyer, I'll start posting videos of myself on YouTube unshaven, shirtless and chopping firewood in the backyard. That'll be so much candy for you and all you lady friends that the cavities will start on first viewing!!!!

4:56 PM


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