Friday, October 20, 2006

'Lost 3x03': The Dope Smuggling, Peach Picking, Hunter

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This weeks' episode seemed to be a little disjointed. I really like Locke
as a character, and I have to say that his backstory in Wednesday's
episode was really disappointing. It didn't really seem to make much
logical sense to me. Therefore, the word I would use to describe the
episode would be: disappointing. I was really looking forward to the
writers getting back into the Hatch plot line, but all we saw was the crater
it left in the island, and we didn't really get much more information about it.
I'm a little bummed it blew up because I always liked the Hatch plot line.

OK, so am I the only one a little confused on Locke's backstory? He
joined a commune? Am I the only one that thinks this kind of strays
from his character? A Hunter? When are we going to find out why
he was paralyzed? Wednesday's show did not answer any questions
for me. It didn't get back to the Others at all, and now what is with
Desmond? Is he a seer now? Can he tell us the future? If so, can
he tell me when the writers are going to step up the plot lines a little?
I heard that this sesaon is going to be full of more romance and action.
But you see, I really don't think the show needs that There is already
a great story with the characters and the plot. Why do they feel they
needed to add more gratuitous action? I suppose some ABC
executives got a stranglehold on the writers for this season
to sell out. What a bummer.


Blogger jim said...


Like I said before, I honestly believe this show is the x-files in a different form. I don't think any writer or producer on this show know yet how Locke became paralyzed, they haven't figured it out yet. I believe they are still filming while the show is airing, so who knows if they are visiting blogs and other entertainment sources to see what the publics reactions, likes and dislikes are and trying to write to those.

As far as Desmond, didn't he say something to Jack way back that was "seer" like? Remember when they showed the flashback of those two running into each other while jogging on the stadium stairs. I just don't remember what he told him.

9:40 AM

Blogger Karla said...

I remember watching the DVD extra's when I rented the first season, and the writers admitted that they pretty much just write stuff on the fly. They were actually going to kill Jack off in the first season, but apparently, polls showed that the viewers had too much invested in him, so they decided against it. I think thats why they brought in and killed off Anna Lucia.

I agree with you though about Locke's story being a bit dissapointing. And he looks way better bald too!

11:32 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Yes, Locke is far more attractive bald. And maybe I am way too invested in the plot line of the show to believe that they write this stuff on the fly. I guess I think they have all characters already mapped out.

As for Desmond, he only told Jack that maybe they would see each other "in a different life". Not exactly foretelling, but I could see now how they were maybe trying to build on something there. I hope they get to his plot line soon!! I like Desmond. And will his ex ever find him?

10:03 PM


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