Friday, September 15, 2006

Time to Exhale

OK, so I finished up my 7th and final interview for this job at 5:30 yesterday. I went home, had a big glass of wine, and vowed to remain cautiously optimistic. I don't want to get myself too excited and then suffer the big letdown, but it is hard to contain my excitement. Now it's a waiting game for the phone to ring. I just want to know either way at this point whether I got it or not so I can move on if I have to. It will KILL me to have to wait the weekend for an answer, but that just may be the case. Every toe and finger on my body is crossed.

Onto other news of note, Andrew's been a real fussbudget from teething. Didn't sleep well last night. When will these freaking teeth come in already?? It seems like this poor kid has been teething for months and still no teeth. He hasn't really shown any interest in crawling yet either. He turned 8 months on 9/6, and seems just pretty content to sit up and play with his toys. I could get into the comparison game and start pinning him against all the other babies that I know around his age and what they are doing, but I'm not going to. There's no benefit to that game. He's a big kid and I'm chalking up his lack of mobility to the fact that he's in the 100th percentile for his age and he just doesn't have the muscle strength to move himself very well. We have his 9 month check up next month, so we'll see what they say then. I have a picture of CJ starting to stand up with the help of furniture in July of '02 (which would have made him about 9 months old), but again, I'm trying not to get into the game of pinning him against any other baby, even his own brother. I know all kids develop at their own pace. I was just thinking about it all lately, and wondered if I should be concerned.

Other than that, TGIF.


Blogger Christina said...

Cordy was like Andrew - she was a big baby, always near the top of the charts, and was slow for most large motor skills. She didn't crawl until she was nearly 10 months old. And she didn't walk until she was 15 months old.

10:36 PM

Blogger Kate said...

That's good to know -- thanks for sharing. I was beginning to feel unnecessary paranoia.

12:13 PM

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