Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweating It Out

So after 36 hours straight of trying to find the right outfit from just about every store in the Mall for the interview I had on Monday, I would have to say I looked great in my black pant suit and I did the best I know how. I made it up to Michigan in record time since I was full of anxiety, and met with 3 separate people after a delicious lunch at an Italian place next to the office. I hardly ate any of my food because my stomach could hardly take it, though. I got along really well personally with everyone I met with, and they were really impressed with my work experience which they think is a close fit to what they are looking for. And get this -- talk about a small world, the hiring manager had her first baby on the SAME DAY as me - Oct 4, 2001! Can anyone say, Destiny?

I also found out I am one of three candidates. I was physically and mentally exhausted when I returned home that evening at 11:30 pm. Dave ended up driving to Toledo for the day with his sister and the kids, to see their mother and other sister who lives there. They spent the day together while I traveled myself in the rental car. I was really glad that it worked out that way, and that Dave was able to recognize my need to have some peace and quiet in the car for the ride up there. I met up with everyone in Toledo afterwards and we went out to eat at Applebee's to celebrate his Toledo sister's brithday.

Yesterday I had an additional phone interview with another woman on the team who wasn't there on Monday because she works from home on that day. It's a really mom friendly place as most of them are working mothers with small children, which was refreshing to know, and not to mention, I would fit right in as far as that is concerned.

So it is now Wednesday... this morning I arrive at work, and that lovely, big red light is shining brightly on my phone. I have a message!! Could it be from the hiring manager? The HR recruiter to tell me, "Hey, we're giving you gobs of money for this position, so would you like to accept an offer??" Well, it is the hiring manager that I met with in Michigan to tell me that I am now one of the final 2 candidates, and that I will be interviewing with another 2 people tomorrow here in Columbus, including the Managing Director of the department. Holy crap! This is the most intense interview process I have ever been involved with. I'm really trying to contain my excitement here because I just know how empty and disappointed I will be if:

A. they low-ball me with the money and I have the refuse the offer
B. I just DON'T get the job
C. I have to keep looking for another job after going through these grueling series of meetings.

I mention the fear of the "low-ball" on the salary, because I'm concerned about the realistic possibility that, without my long history here with the company, they may feel they can come in at a lower salary than if I were "off-the-street". Which is what happens all the time. (See my post from last month on what I told one of the recruiters here) The fact that if I get this job means that Dave will have to quit his PT night/weekend job, makes the salary negotiation a huge deal maker or breaker. So that being said, I am at the very least proud of myself that I made it this far. I have one more person to beat in this competition for the prize, and I really hope this all works out. It's kind of one of those "life changing forks in the road" that if I'm lucky enough to have the offer in front of me to choose, it will take my career in a whole new direction. Having had 4 miscarriages in my life, I'm a little jaded as far as getting excited about something until the prize has actually been won. But this one, it seems so close and within my reach, I can't help but be pumped up.


Blogger jim said...


Good Luck, Tara & I will be pulling for you. This is the way I view things, if they get to the point where they are offering you the job, they want you. At that point salary, regardless of what they offer you becomes negotiable. All employers will always choose who they want most first. Unless we are talking about some huge difference of $15,000 to $20,000, my belief is they won't choose the lesser canidate just because they'll take less money. If they don't offer you the amount you think off the top, don't consider it dead.


10:41 AM

Blogger Sweet Coalminer said...

I hope you get it. It's so hard, and it would be so awesome to work somewhere "mom-friendly". Best!

12:24 PM

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Blogger Christina said...

Good luck! A mom-friendly workplace is something I think many of us strive for!

10:30 PM


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