Thursday, November 02, 2006

'Lost' 3x05: Rest In Peace, Mr. Eko

Finally the show is picking up speed, mescaline-style, based on last night’s trippy smoke scene. Watch out if you have a bad conscious, because it may rear it’s ugly head in the form of black smoke, capable of throwing you around the jungle forest until you are crushed to death. So was the fate of Mr. Eko last night, one of my favorite characters on the show. Great metaphor with him facing his conscious, I just could have lived without the visual effects. So long, Mr, Eko, I will greatly miss you and your walking stick of wisdom.

A colleague of mine said he hates the character, Juliet. He says that, “she's the type of person that tries to be your best friend without doing any of the work that would be required of a best friend”. Collectively speaking, there is hardly ONE person in our life who fits that description. But I liked her Bob Dylan impression on video; it was a unique way to deliver her message. Too bad she couldn’t have burned it in the funeral pyre because something tells me someone is going to get their hands on that video. My colleague at work doesn’t trust anything the Others say, so he thinks this is all part of a larger conspiracy against Jack. For now I’m totally convinced that Ben has a tumor, Juliet wants to get rid of him because of some prior competition between the two, and there is no way to really “get rid” of Ben because I think they are all employed by the Hanso Foundation so they need to have his death look like an accident. So the question I have then is, what’s in it for Jack? He’s not the killing type, so would he really be capable of arranging Ben’s death? Perhaps for a ticket to civilization? There was a teaser in the preview for next week’s “season finale” (I know, I know! Don’t get me started!), that he demands to get back “home”. So that could be his personal dilemma. I imagine him brandishing a scalpel in his right hand and saying, “Get me off this island or I will save this man’s life!”

As for the Pearl Station that Locke, Desmond, and the island newbies returned to, wasn’t the guy in the tv screen the guy who was on the island with Desmond? The Army Colonel that knew Said in Iraq? I thought he wore an eye patch. So I’m thinking this is old video that they have on a loop. I’m still undecided on what that could be. But I’m glad they are getting back into that plot, because I love the whole Hanso Foundation/Hatch stuff. Alas, 6 more days to wait and then, ugh, 12 more weeks! How could they do this to us?


Blogger Karla said...

la la la la la la la...
I shouldn't have read this. I missed Lost last night, but my husband downloaded it so we can watch it together tonight.

Mr. Eko is gone? I really really liked his character.

3:37 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Yikes! Sorry, I should have put a major disclaimer in front of the post!!

3:57 PM

Blogger Heather said...

I try to not think about Lost too much, I think it would just be a bad thing.

I liked the episode and the additional backstory on Mr. Eko. I sort of knew it was his last show because of the amount of backstory shown...

Still a ton of questions on Lost, and I try to not speculate...but love to read others (no pun intended) thoughts on it.

11:26 PM


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