Thursday, October 26, 2006

'Lost 3x04': I See Lightening In Your Future

Desmond is one of my favorite characters on Lost, and the Dharma Initiative is by far my favorite plot line. When they introduced the show last night with him, I was anticipating a focus on his backstory so that we could return to his connection with the Dharma Initiative and explore that territory of the plot again. Alas, that was not the case, and the backstory was focused on Sawyer, in a story about his time in prison. The fact that we discovered he has a child and that he gave his commission to her in Albuquerque as he finally “saw the light”, is a terribly trite plot. All this being said, I’m feeling the same way today about the show as I did last Thursday: I want to know where all this is going. I feel like we’re being driven in the slow lane on the highway of this plot, and I feel like I need to be put into a higher gear. Based on the preview for next week’s show, I’m hoping that is exactly what is going to happen since the show’s 3 month hiatus is looming. I am sure we will be left with quite a hook for the last show.

So back to Desmond: I’m wondering how many shows it will take before he sets up a hut with tarot cards and a crystal ball. Is it just me, or did this come out of left field? I am totally intrigued with where they are heading with his foretelling ability. My bet is that it will lead them to where the Others’ camp is located. And speaking of the camp –hello!- they are actually on another island? Are you telling me these huge islands aren’t on the map and no human civilization comes in contact with them? I know, I know. This is Lost. Stop asking obvious questions. Nothing is plausible on this show. And that’s OK with me. For some reason, I’m able to accept the unbelievable on this show. As my friend has mentioned, this is like the X-Files on a deserted island. Personally, I think this is the X-Files on crystal meth.

Well, that’s my rap. Here’s the link to the preview for next week’s show.


Blogger Amber said...

AMEN about being driven in the slow lane of Lost. The first season bulldozed forward, the second dragged on and now, I'm not sure I like the direction they're taking (though I am admittedly drawn to the message boards that detail all the Dharma Initiative theories).

8:40 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Ditto - I also love the videos on You Tube. Have you seen them?

9:02 AM

Blogger Karla said...

I'm with Amber on this one. Season one blew my mind. Season two was great, but not as great as the first, and now season three feels sorta out there.

I sorta miss when the island was it's own spooky character. The plot of the "the others" just doesnt grab me as much.

12:50 PM


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