Monday, November 06, 2006

I am dedicating this post today to shamelessly advertise that I am a Democrat and want to stress the importance of VOTING! As fellow Ohio residents who read this, please, if you are Democrat, please get out tomorrow and vote. Here is an interesting thing that the Democrats have set up to protect our voting rights here in Ohio:

-- NATIONAL VOTER PROTECTION HOTLINE: The DNC established the national 1-888-DEM-VOTE hotline so voters all across the country can get information about how and where to vote and to report problems at the polls on Election Day;

Use it if you notice any fraudulent poll activity taking place in your district. I think it’s a great idea. I’m very excited about tomorrow because we have some strong leads:

- Ted Strickland up by almost 30 points over Ken Blackwell
- Sherrod Brown leading Mike DeWine by 11 points
- Mary Jo Kilroy up a few points over Deborah Pryce

We need to take back the polls here in Ohio and not replicate the mishaps of the last presidential election!

I’m voting first thing in the morning because I’m leaving for a business trip tomorrow, so I will be offline for a couple days after today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some victories!


Blogger Christina said...

Already voted absentee, and our votes are safely held right now.

I do hope Mary Jo wins her race. She's a friend of Aaron's dad (half of the city, including the mayor, is a friend of Aaron's dad, to be honest) and they know she'd do a great job.

3:02 PM

Blogger jim said...


You are just like our old buddy Teddy Pishko. You both strike me as very intelligent people. How can you, in this day and age, simply say I am voting for someone just because they are democrat. I say the same to to the other side as well. Your views may lean you to a traditional democratic or "liberal" viewpoint, but I think its dangerous just to say I will always vote for one and not the other. Good Luck with your states elections. Right now in Jersey, I feel I'm more concerned with our townships mayorial race then the actual senate race.

See Ya,


4:55 PM

Blogger Kathy McC said...

Rock on, my fellow Democrat sister!

5:45 PM

Blogger Amber said...

Errr.. I guess the fact I'm Canadian doesn't help your cause. :-)

8:09 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

Thank you for making a public service announcement! As a state only represented by Democrats, I'm afraid I can't help the Ohio cause.

8:41 PM

Blogger Kate said...


I don't always vote for the democrats. I have been known to vote for an independent in the past. Just NEVER Republican. But this year is different. Since it's still a two-party system, it's very important we win as many seats as we can.

9:01 PM

Blogger Heather said...

Looking good for you...

11:08 PM


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