Friday, September 08, 2006


Yawn. I am really dragging today. Andrew had us up until about 4 am last night with gas. He hasn't dealt with that in months, but I think I know what caused it. Word to the wise: do not feed a baby brown rice. I just learned that the hard way last night. The only way I could get the poor bugger to sleep was by lying him on my chest. Just like he slept as a newborn. I think I'm running on some reserves right now, so I'm fulling expecting to totally crash tonight. I hope I can stay up late enough to watch 2 of my favorite shows: The Soup and The Chelsea Handler Show. May have to break out the wine again to re-charge me. Looks like one more week for Best Week Ever. Also counting down the days to Lost. The best show on TV. Are they not showing any of the re-runs before the season premiere? Is it obvious I watch too much TV? What can I say, wine and TV is cheap entertainment these days since I can't afford a babysitter.


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