Thursday, September 07, 2006

Barney Logic from the SAHD

My husband just called me at work to tell me about the lesson learned on today's show from our beloved purple dinosaur, Barney, from which he feels I would benefit: "Be careful means I love you."

Supposedly, I need some enlightenment on this subject with regard to my trip to Michigan for the interview. For those of you keeping up, you'll know that he's been harping on me about the dangers of driving such a long distance in one day. So the fact that he's packing the kids up and coming with me to share in the driving duties illustrates that "he loves me", according to Barney logic of course. Or wait, Dave's logic. Am I the only one that thinks my husband has serious communication issues here? Or is he just watching too much pre-school tv?


Blogger jim said...

Well, I feel the need to jump in here before all the ladies coming running to your side to tell you how right you are all the time. Your blog is gonna need a male perspective, and you're gonna get it from me!!! He has has been watching too much pre-school TV. Thats what happens to us guys who are at home. Pre-school TV is a like the Marine Corp, they drill stuff into your head until your ideas are not your own. But I do agree, I wouldn't shelp the kids on the trip. If it was me, I would think it would be a good time for my wife to leave a day early (Sunday) Then without her around I would be able to expose my kids to some good old fashioned male TV. Maybe a pay per view about Hulk Hogan or a good football game where they get to see how mad I really get when we lose!!! Or if you have a dish, Slueth TV is now showing reruns of the A-team. Yup, an afternoon hanging on the couch with my boys, a large pizza, yodels and 3 big bottles of Grape Soda. It couldn't get too much better than that.

10:07 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Jimmy! You've entered the blogosphere! I'm so excited! Of course, please feel free to add your male perspective as you deem necessary... Just don't get insulted when we prove you wrong! (haha)

12:26 PM

Blogger jim said...

Yes, your blog links page was starting to look like the Lilith Fair tour, so I thought I'd jump in. Make sure your hubby sees my idea, he may like it. Strike that I meant LOVE it!!!!

2:28 PM


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