Monday, August 28, 2006

Unrelated News about the Job Search

I'm at work, so I'm trying to sneak in another post quickly. During my rant and rave on the current state of this country (which I will get back to shortly in another post), I received a phone call from an HR Recruiter who says they want to make me an offer on the job I interviewed for last Monday. For those keeping up, this is not the job in Chicago, but the one here in Columbus at the same company. Still a step up, but not as large a step up as the one in Chicago. I don't have solid numbers yet for the offer, as that is "still in the process", but he will be contacting me probably within the next day or so with that. Are corporations fucked up or what? How long does it take and how many people does it have to go through to get an offer approved? But I digress. Don't get me started on HR corporate politics, too.

Anyway, I'm really psyched and called hubby at home who was changing a poop diaper at the time. He was obviously a little distracted, but he sounded really excited, too. I'm wondering how he really feels about the prospect of moving away. I think he would prefer I got this one even if it is for a little less money. He's just not saying so. Because I can tell this whole travel thing is blowing him away right now. We might be "moved out" at this point in our lives (we moved 5 times in 4 years from 1999 - 2003 -- more about that in another post). So now that I know I'm the candidate on this one, I hope they offer me the number I'm looking for. Negotiating totally stresses me out.

So for now, it's a waiting game. I knew this was going to happen! I am a terrible decision maker. Here's the 64 thousand dollar question: do I take the offer they give me on this one, or really gamble and hold out for the interview in Troy in 2 weeks? Maybe they will make it easy for me and come in with a really low number or something. I hope not, though!! Oh boy, my nails are going to get competely bitten away over this.


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