Sunday, August 27, 2006

Job News

So I've been invited to a personal interview with the hiring manager on the Chicago job. She is located in Troy, Michigan, which is about 200 miles from where I am, and there is also a possibility that, if I am the ideal candidate, I might be able to stay in Columbus since the team is spread out between Ohio, Michigan and Chicago anyway. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. The interview is on Friday, Sept 8th, which is an extruciatingly 2 weeks away. My gut tells me that I must be at least one of the top candidates for the position, because why would she ask me to travel so far, right? Well, there's more to the story, because as we know in life (at least mine, that is), there is always a snafu that comes with an opportunity. To share a little background, this job pays a HELL of a lot more than what I get paid right now. So, in the corporate world, there is a thing called "natural progression" - meaning, HR doesn't like to make a habit of letting low-level employees like me get promoted so high. (Maybe that makes them look bad, like, "Why did we hire this chick for such a low-level job in the first place ? Why didn't we give her a better opportunity so far?) Regardless of my work experience and whether I'm qualified or not! So, I was consulting with a trusted source from the company about my situation, and the story is that, if I become the ideal candidate, the hiring manager could fight for me, however HR might put the "kabash" (sic?) on my opportunity because of their corporate management! All I have to say is that those HR fuckers better not screw this up for me. Why do I have to keep getting penalized for taking a low-level job, when all I was doing was trying to put food on the table and couldn't find any other work! Then I had another baby. All I'm trying to do is get paid a fair price for my abilities. That's all! Well, enough of me screaming about this. We'll see what happens on the 8th. Hell, the hiring manager might not even want me after all anyway, which would make the whole HR thing moot. God, how I have such a love/hate relationship with this company. I love that they gave me a 3 month paid maternity leave, and then hate them because they manage their non-exempt employees like crap and treat me like a peon. *Exhale* Glad I got that off my chest.

Well, I've got a bored 4 year old staring at me, wanting me to play with him, so I better go. Not to mention, it's 12:15 and I haven't even brushed my teeth or gotten dressed yet. However, I'm justifying this by the fact that it is crappy weather outside and it's Sunday. And I'm still letting D's pancakes digest, too. Yum. Our Sunday morning tradition...


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