Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Incredibly Messy House

One more thought for today... Does anyone else NOT feel guilty when they haven't unpacked from a vacation that they have been home from for over 4 days? I'm still tripping over me & D's suitcases that are still full of clothes on our our bedroom floor. And not to mention the train table in the kids' room that has become the dumping ground for their suitcases that are still unpacked. We live in a small townhouse, and my living room looks like a day care center, the basement needs all kinds of organization, the kitchen is being overrun by an army of ants, my plants outside are dying, and our bedrooms are disaster areas. And don't get me started on the pee in the bathroom from the boys I live with! And CJ has some toy rigged in the boys' bedroom with an alarm that goes off everytime you pass by it -- it likes "wee ooo wee ooo" when you pass by it. It's like a police siren. D has his art library books and newspapers piled up all over the corners of the living room, you constantly have to move things off the kitchen table in order to eat, A's toys are getting bigger and bigger, and you could write your name on the furniture in our bedroom. I'm really not a slob, I swear to you!, but it seems impossible to keep a clean house anymore. Is this a house of insanity or what??


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