Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some new pictures

Bought a black backdrop a couple weeks ago and took some shots of the kids to recharge my skills. Been a while since I've taken any artistic shots and I was getting withdrawal symptoms. I'm omitting the ones of CJ that I took of him while he wasn't smiling because, according to my mom, she thinks they belong on a porn site. There is a gorgeous shot of him looking at the camera without a smile, and she thinks it's very suggestive. He doesn't have a shirt on, but you only see the tip of his shoulder. The reason I did that was for purely artistic reasons, and I didn't want the photograph to be about what shirt he had on, which I feel would distract from the image. This was a study about his face and his hair and his skin, just a document of what he is today at 4 years old: a beautiful child. As strongly as I stand behind those photographs, she still has me paranoid and so I've chosen to omit particular ones.

Either way, they've given me some more ideas for the next shoot. I thought they turned out pretty good. There's a couple more I need to scan and I will include those later. Had a fussy baby in my lap last night while I was scanning all these, so this was the most I could do. Hope you like...

The one above of the child in the swing is actually one that I took of CJ two years ago. But it's my favorite one EVER and I've been meaning to post it and use it for my profile, but never got around to it until now.


Blogger Margo said...

Your pictures are just incredible. I never had an interest in photography (and therefore have zero know-how) until I had kids and felt like no pictures did them justice. Yours REALLY do.

11:05 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Thanks, Margo, I appreciate the feedback. This helps to fuel my motivation to continue! My photography has taken such a back seat these past few years.

8:02 AM


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