Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Useless Information About Me

Since all I've been doing lately is moaning about house hunting, I thought I'd shake it up a little and take Mrs. Chicky's offer on an interview. Because you just didn't know enough about me, right? I know the suspense is killing you. So without further adieu, here goes...

1. You've done gone crazy and pulled a Britney. You've shaved off all your
hair and you're about to get a tattoo. What tattoo do you get to detract
from your poor choice in hairstyle?

Owning up to my insanity, I would rent my bald head for ad space. Might as well keep it going. For me, it's all or nothing in life.

2. If you could pick one feature from your dream home to be your favorite
what would that feature be?

My favorite feature in my dream home is my own art room/office. No one else would be allowed to enter this room. I would be the sole owner of the key to this room. Anyone caught entering would be punched. Including the kids.

3. Sorry, you can only eat one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your
life. But you get to pick. What flavor would that be?

Absolutely chocolate. And it would have to be Ben & Jerry's.

4. Dog or cat person?

More of a cat person. I have had a psycho, moody cat for the past 12 years and I couldn’t live without her even though she’s a pain in the ass. But I think Border Terrier’s are the cutest dogs on earth. So maybe one day I’ll get a dog. Either way, I’m an animal lover in general.

5. What's your shoe size and favorite type of shoe?

Thanks to my kids, I’m now a 7 ½. Formerly a 7. My favorite shoes are sandals because that means it's summer. My favorite season of the year.

So have I made your day with all this intriguing information? At least you didn't have to live through insufferable tales of house hunting woes. But thanks everyone for offering your two cents on the house of my choice. More to come on that topic.

Would anyone else care to play along? If so, let me know and I'll be sure to send you some questions. Because it's all about us, right?


Blogger Mayberry said...

The skull ad-space is brilliant. You're crazy like a fox!

8:43 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

I like the idea of my own art/office room. And physical harm for any who enter.

But I do not tire of the house hunting. Keep us in the loop.

8:59 PM

Blogger Heather said...

I love your answers to those questions. Especially #1.

Totally with you on #3.

And #5? Now that you mention it, I'm with you on that too.

I'm game to play if you want to send me some questions...

12:27 AM

Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

I totally love your answers!

The ad space tattoo was brilliant.

8:18 AM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

Great answers! I like hearing about your house hunting. My dream feature would be a dog room: easy to wash tile floors, drain in the center, hose hookups so I can wash my dog in that room, a dog door leading into a fenced in yard,dutch doors, and a big comfy dog bed. A friend of mine who's a vet has a room exactly like it.

1:32 PM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

So I know you already got it, but I had to give a Thinking Blogger Award because you are on of the first blogs that I started reading and one of my favorites. So no need to do a post, but I just wanted let you know that I had given you an award.

10:32 PM

Blogger Damselfly said...

You're a riot! Renting out space on your bald head....

I'd definitely have to go with chocolate ice cream, too.

9:34 AM

Anonymous Binkytown said...

Me too! I used to be a 7 and now my feet are wide like a platapus.

My question is, if you are going to rent out your head, who would you most like to rent it out too?

10:07 AM

Blogger creative-type dad said...

I have my own art studio space - and everybody invades it. Even the wife thinks she has to clean it up and arrange my stuff. And the kid thinks the place is a gold mine.

It's sad.

11:03 AM

Blogger Mitch McDad said...

Please, not so racy. There are kids watching for Pete's sake. Shoe sizes are for the bedroom, dammit.

12:41 AM

Blogger kris said...

WAIT! Your shoe size increases because you've had kids . . . or cats?

So glad you're an Indie Blogger. ;)

10:02 PM

Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

I likes me the cats now. Didn't used to but a surly old cantankerous cat was thrown into my lap just outta college and he made me love him. I didn't wanna do it.

But I still want a dog. Soon.

11:59 PM


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