Monday, February 26, 2007

The Have-Nots

After this post, remind me how much I have to be thankful for, because after you’ve spent time with my Aunt Sue you will wonder if everybody in the world outside of her kids is living at poverty level. I say this because at almost every family occasion, she finds a way to weave her children’s annual compensation into the conversation. And apparently now, the anticipated boob job on her 17 year old granddaughter.

I decided to take a road trip to the Baby Shower that I had a week’s notice on, and take Andrew with me. CJ and Dave spent a Dad’s day together, and it also gave CJ the chance to build his next humungous track in the middle of our living room, which, under normal circumstances gets trashed by Andrew and throws CJ into a meltdown. So having the house to himself, he was in track-building Heaven.

So while at the Shower, as the guests were mingling, the conversation began with what Sydney was going to receive on her 18th birthday. Commenting that she has nothing up top now, “she will have something by her 18th birthday, because that’s her birthday gift!” OK, I could name about a thousand other things I would want other than a boob job. But then again, I’m a C cup, so I’ve never complained in that department. But really, a boob job for an 18 year old? C’mon!

Then the conversation moved from the boob job to how her recent vacation to Mexico was a gift from Angie (her daughter and mother of said boob job recipient). And that Angie wants to put her 3,500 square foot house on the market March 1st because it just isn’t big enough and really wants a 5 bedroom house that’s bigger. Well she can afford it because she makes $150,000 a year and her husband Jon makes $280,000 a year, so hell, what’s stopping them at a 5 bedroom house, right?!? I mean people of these means should be forbidden to have to live in such tight quarters don’t you think? They have 3 children and a cat for pete’s sake…. (Insert eye rolling here). Personally, there’s nothing I hate worse than a line of McMansions dotting the landscape of what once was beautiful farmland. But that’s just me. Worried about over consumption. Silly me.

And have you visited Todd’s house in North Carolina yet?? It’s a half million bucks, people! And it’s in the same neighborhood as all of the professional baseball players, too! (Insert gag reflex here).

Did she ask me about my job? Yes. Here’s how the conversation went…

Sue: “Katie, how do you like your job?”

And just when you think you have something important to share….

Me: “I love my job! I just got back from doing a lot of traveling, but things are getting back to normal now.”

She tops it with something like this…

Sue: “Well Angie’s company is sending her to Europe in the Spring…”

Of course, there’s always the other cousins of mine in Southeast Ohio who make us all look good. Specifically, the ones who go to the hospital for domestic violence, have an ex-husband break into their home with a loaded rifle, have a husband go to jail for assault, a cousin who ended up in jail for murder, or another one who consecutively gets pregnant out of wedlock with different men. Oh, how I have a clan of a family! Anybody else have some unique family members?


Blogger Christina said...

My dad's side of the family are all rich, too, while I'm the poor relative. Going to Christmas at my cousin's $800,000 house was mind-blowing. They all spend a week together at Hilton Head, and different groups go to Vegas several times a year. I could only wish for a fraction of their money.

No one from the other side, though. My mom's family are poor, but no one gets into trouble. My half-sister, however (on my dad's side), may be starting to self-destruct, and it's kind of funny to see the rich family caught in scandal.

10:30 PM

Blogger Damselfly said...

Nice to visit, wouldn't want to live that way (?) Sometimes being in the middle is just fine.

11:39 PM

Anonymous candice said...

so.. technically you'd be considered one of the normal ones then?
sounds good to me ;)

12:55 AM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

Oh, just alcoholism, suicide, bad parenting, denial of the existance of living family members -- the usual stuff.

But a BOOB JOB?!? For an !* YEAR OLD! That is just gross. Just gross. I feel for you.

6:45 AM

Blogger Mayberry said...

Oy! That is painful.

I wish I could do a post about my SIL's wackiness, but my husband would kill me (she's not even his sister -- she's his brother's wife). I just take heart in the fact that we left her behind when we moved away from the East coast.

3:53 PM

Blogger creative-type dad said...

Wow! That's really sad.

the only person in my family like that is my mom. But nobody talks to her anymore.

And the boob job thing -- there's this woman at my gym who was bragging about getting one for her 18-year old daughter because SHE had one too and they should look related?!?!
I mean, the woman does have nice boobs (they don't move when she jumps which is pretty amazing) but PLEASE!!

4:30 PM

Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

There are many people that will always look down on you. No matter what.

Not me, of course. Just you. You poor pitiful person, you...

7:55 PM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...

So basically for her birthday they're telling her that she's inadequate? Nice! Nothing like the gift of self-consciousness.

11:38 PM

Blogger karla said...

Holy smokes. She lives in a mansion and wants a bigger mansion?

As for her comment, I hate hate hate talking to people who are always trying to show you up. Sometimes listening and making the person you are talking actually feel engaged in the conversation makes for a more comfortable and welcoming experience don't you think?

10:55 AM

Blogger Day said...

You are a saint for going to such a baby shower. I wish people would start moving in to smaller homes. Because seriously, we dont need bigger houses to keep more stuff in.

3:37 PM


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