Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lost 3x11: "Enter 77"

I’b a little sick right nowb, so I bissed the first 10 binutes of Lost last night…

I’m so sick of this weather and now I can’t believe I’ve caught a cold. Now I’m desperately attempting to avoid my kids so not to spread the germs, because if one of the kids get it, we all know it will be this cyclical travel of germs back and forth until summer. It’s very hard not to help my husband with the kids at night by just staying in bed and sipping hot tea, but really I’m trying my best!

As for Lost, last night’s episode was very suspenseful. And how big is this freakin’ island? The explosion that rocked last night’s final scene was pretty big and loud, so I can’t imagine the rest of the inhabitants didn’t notice. Thanks, Locke, for yet again another stellar performance on the computer. Not only can you make the sky purple by not pushing the button, but you can also cause explosions. You might consider taking some time off from the keyboard before you melt or turn orange or something.

Thanks to Sayid’s perseverance we have a map to the Others’ camp! One request I have of the writers, is that I hope they don’t drag out the search for Jack until the end of the season. I’m getting a little tired of the physical battles between the Losties and the Others. Last night’s episode didn’t really answer any questions, just raveling the mystery even further into the unknown as is usual for the show. It was progress, just progress toward more of the unknown. And anyone for a little game of ping pong while everyone else is out busy saving the world? I love the contrast of the beach people, while Sayid, Kate and Locke are out in the jungle kicking ass and blowing up huts. Truly entertaining in a very Gilligan Island meets 24 kind of way.

Well, enough of me pretending to be a TV writer. Back to my cold. March seems to be my worst month when it comes to sickness. I’ve had some of my worst sicknesses in the month of March. WTF? Just when I’m ready to spring into spring and put winter behind me, it’s like the germs who seemed to have been lying dormant for months rear their ugly heads to play one more evil joke on me.


Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

I liked that Sayid saw the same cat. Nice touch. And that cat had a serious badass look on its face when Sayid was strolling into the compound with his hands above his head (unless you missed that part, of course.)

Feel better. Being sick sucks. My mom just got back to the 'Bus from Florida and she's pissed that it's so cold. It will be 88 here on tomorrow. I won't rub it in. Sleep lots.

5:18 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Not a Lost viewer, but my oh my how I love your new masthead!

11:12 AM

Blogger Kate said...

Amanda - thanks for noticing!

3:57 PM

Blogger Day said...

I hope you feel better soon. I tend to get colds in the Feb and March too for some reason.

Bring on the spring!

8:35 PM

Anonymous dionna said...

My s/o and I were SO happy to see Sayid and Locke and the other Losties this week. We were getting very tired of the Others.
Hope you feel better soon!

2:08 PM

Blogger cape buffalo said...

Lost "lost" me a few months ago. It was the Others and their weird suburban subdivision that finally pushed me over the edge of suspended disbelief to flipping the channel.

I'm not beyond being won back.

8:04 AM


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