Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deep Thoughts

There was a film history professor at Rutgers University that told me he was shocked I had graduated from the 8th grade with my poor writing skills. Considering that I fancied myself a good writer, I was obviously devastated by what he told me. He was the first teacher that ever told me that. Besides the fact that I might have wrote that term paper in record time with a hangover to meet the deadline, that still didn’t warrant such an insulting bitch slap. But at the moment, as a 20 year old visual arts student, I hung to my creative talents like threads of life and for someone to tell me I was a terrible writer, he might as well have stuck a knife in my heart. In other words, I was an extremely sensitive, emotionally weak struggling artist searching for the meaning in my work and whether or not I should even continue to pursue my desire to be a filmmaker. Today I would tell the guy to go fuck himself. The fact that I never became a filmmaker or a photographer had nothing to do with that teacher, but more to do with the lack of courage and guidance, and a real need to pay back school loans. But I digress…

Now, I know I’m not a great writer, but I think of myself as an OK writer. I’ve always loved to write, I kept a diary all through elementary school, high school and part of college, and writing a book has always been on my top ten list of things to do before I die. I hope I live a long time because I’ve got several “chapter ones” lying around that seem to be going nowhere. I’m going to need a lot more time once my kids grow up to finish any of those. This pesky full time job just keeps getting in the way of all my worldly pursuits.

So imagine my surprise when someone whom I truly respect as an insightful and witty writer, nominates me as someone who makes her “think”? Me? Make somebody think? I’m utterly flattered and completely surprised. I’m so grateful that there’s someone else out there in blog land who actually relates to something I’ve said. Several months ago I would never have imagined this cathartic exercise of blogging. Now today, I’m shushing my kids to try and blog. And a couple months ago, I had the great fortune of meeting Christina, from
A Mommy Story, who shares the Buckeye state with me.

So without further adieu, thanks, Christina, for bestowing on me the Thinking Bloggers Award. Me love you. And me thank you. So screw that professor in college. If he could see me now…

And as is customary with this award, I'm going to share the love. There's another female blogger out there that is not only an excellent writer, but through her painful experiences, has moved me in so many ways. I have never personally met her, but through her words I feel like I know her. She has experienced unmeasurable grief, and has opened her world to us through her blog. And for that I thank her. I award the next Thinking Blogger award to Karla, of Untangling Knots.


Blogger Day said...

I would wholeheartedly agree with your choice as a receiver and giving the award to Karla.

I have only been reading your blog for a couple months, but it has been nice reading someone who works really hard at a job outside the home and works hard at home.

What was life like before we started blogging?

6:06 PM

Blogger Mayberry said...

yeah, screw him. Glad you kept writing!

11:12 AM

Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

You know, I used to hate criticism from people who ragged on anything creative that I worked on. It used to make my blood boil.

But as I got older, I realized that those people - while woefully misguided and ig-nernt - actually pushed me harder, to do better.

I always had that, "Well, I'll show them!" attitude and it kinda worked. I'm still not a great writer or filmmaker, but I'm out there doing it and doing it better than I used to.

Congrats on your award!

4:25 PM

Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.

8:02 PM

Blogger Alex Elliot said...


9:49 PM

Blogger Undercover Angel said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you kept writing despite what that teacher said!

11:04 PM

Blogger karla said...

Awww Shucks. I'm blushing over here Kate. Thank you so much for those kind (and totally unwarranted) words.

11:39 AM

Anonymous jenn in holland said...

Okay, I got online this morning to quickly check my email and my favorite blogs, and stumbled onto yours via soccer mom and now I am stuck. I have been reading, and smiling, and commiserating for the last half hour. Maybe more.
What fun to find you. And what fun to read you. I, along with others who commented, will be thinking good things for the speedy recovery of your Andrew. And wish you best of luck with the move to the new house!
I could comment for hours, but I just wanted to say that it's been a great read this morning. Now, I should really get moving....

2:34 AM


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