Friday, April 20, 2007

Report from Crankyville

Not much new to report on Andrew. He is still pretty touch and go. I’m not getting much sleep this week, so blogging has been a challenge. He still seems to be quite uncomfortable off and on, and tosses and turns at night. We finally were greeted by a poopy diaper on Tuesday, thank God, as the poor little guy was quite miserable. Although he is still a little gassy and generally just not himself. One consequence to all this is that it has forced him to crawl. He was never a crawler and always “scooted” around on his tush. Since the operation, he immediately adapted to crawling and now rarely scoots. Which supports my theory about the walking, in that I think he will just one day walk when he’s good and ready, because obviously the ability to crawl has been in him all along, and he just didn’t exercise it. He’s a funny one. Definitely different than his people pleasing older brother. So that’s his update. It’s a daily thing that seems to change.

As for CJ, he wiped at the park today while riding his scooter, and is now nursing a skinned knee on the couch. He is anxiously awaiting my arrival home from work.

We’re also working on finalizing the details on the house. We had the inspection on Wednesday and the only outstanding issue is evidence of a leak in the ceiling of the hall closet, that is most likely originating from the master shower. As newbies to this whole house buying process, Dave and I are carefully planning our course of action. We think we’ve opted to request a remedy for this issue, or at least we’re going to ask the sellers to meet us halfway on the repair costs. I’m suspicious on the fact that the owner claims to have “forgotten” about it thus the reason for its mysterious exclusion on the property disclosure, because the seller’s agent claims that the seller states it has never been an issue in the 7 years he has lived there. Do I believe that? Um………….No. Although there is absolutely no way to prove whether he’s lying or not.

As for me, I was planning on going to a girl’s night out with all the local bloggers tonight. For selfish reasons, I really want to go. I have had to turn down the invitation since January due to myriad of issues that seem to keep coming up, and well, just for the fact that I want to get out and have some time to myself. But for motherhood reasons, I’m staying home. I’m generally cranky about it thanks to sleep deprivation, a menstrual cycle, and general feelings of being smothered. I want to crawl inside a bottle of wine right now and not come out until I’m good and drunk. Hopefully the ladies will have a toast on me while I get drunk on my couch watching Talk Soup after the kids (hopefully!) go to sleep.


Blogger soccer mom in denial said...

I just love a woman who seeks comfort by crawling into a bottle of wine. No wonder I love you!

Good luck getting through the recovery.

6:58 PM

Blogger Day said...

Hang in there and I hope that bottle of wine is still waiting after all the stress is done, but I hear ya...a good glass is wine does wonders.

3:39 PM

Blogger Christina said...

Sorry you couldn't make it to dinner - sounds like you could have used the night out! You were missed!

Your name is on the list for the next get-together, although chances are I won't be at that one, since I will be close to having a new baby. :)

9:36 PM


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