Monday, April 20, 2009

A precious little post: the new Rick Springfield CD

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but when the folks from Rocket Science contacted me about reviewing Rick Springfield’s new CD full of lullaby’s I thought it sounded kind of neat. I mean, anyone growing up in the 80s knows Rick Springfield, right?

So you’re like, Rick Springfield? Jessie’s Girl? A lullaby CD? Yep. And it’s good! What’s good about it is that it is soft, soothing, and when you’re done with the classics like Rock-a-bye baby (and why is the kid in the treetops?), it is a nice diversion. The first track, “Don’t Keep the Sandman Waiting” is the best, followed by a close second to the last song, “Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire”, and track 3, “Another Rainy Night”. What’s also interesting about this CD is that these are all original songs. Yes, original. While most artists will re-do the classics, Rick Springfield’s new CD is full of all original songs written by him while his children were babies over 20 years ago. (Rick Springfield has kids over the age of 20? Man, we are all getting old.)

I must admit, these songs are also pretty adult-friendly, too. Regardless of the fact that the lyrics are for babies, they are likeable. The melodies are peaceful and warm, and the songs flow one right into another for a relaxing trip into dreamland. We all know how hard it can be to get a baby to calm down after a long day of stimulation, any soothing thing you can find helps! And you might just get relaxed, too!

The new CD is called “My Precious Little One” by Rick Springfield and is not in stores until May 5. So, I have one copy of this new CD to be given away to a lucky reader. Even if you don’t have a newborn or one on the way, perhaps there’s someone you know who would like it? Just leave your name and email in the comments. Contest will be going on for 2 weeks. Your name will be chosen at random. Good luck!


Anonymous Barb said...

Got a friend with a baby on the way! -Barb

11:06 AM

Blogger Sara said...

Please add me! Leah listens to the SAME lullaby CD before every nap and every night. We need something new!

12:08 PM

Blogger Lauri said...

I've heard some of the songs too and they are wonderful; soothing to a soul of any age! His voice sounds wonderful and the songs are so touching. Great gift for my employee with a new granddaughter too.

2:34 PM

Blogger Kelly Ebersbach said...

I LOVE Rick and would love to have this CD! I saw him in concert last summer and he was awesome! That voice in unmistakable and unchanged after all these years. He was the first concert I went to in 1982? and I still have the shirt! Rick Rocks!

3:21 PM

Blogger Heather said...

Oh this would be great to try with the baby girl! Who doesn't love Rick still?

11:31 PM

Anonymous Alissa said...

Great review! Makes me want to buy the CD!

2:39 PM


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