Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paper crafts

Feeling crafty? Well I have found a couple super EASY crafts to get your creative juices flowing, and I just have to share. You can make these with your kids, too, so it will be some fun family time in the grips of winter.

First one: Making a paper house. Never wanted to make a house out of paper? You will once you see how cute and fun these little houses are. Some ideas to do with them? String them over lights, make a little paper house village, increase and decrease the size of the template to make multiple sized houses, paint them, glitter them, stamp them. And love them! Here's the link.

Second one: With Valentine's Day coming up--oh wait, maybe you weren't paying attention to the calendar. There is exactly T-minus 9 days to the Valentine's party at your children's school, so either get to the store soon to buy a boatload of Scooby-Doo cards, or make these fun and sure-to-please butterfly valentine's. And the site they are located on is pretty awesome, too! Here's the link.

Happy crafting!


Blogger Heather said...

The butterflies are so cute!

3:26 PM

Blogger Diane Duda said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice message.
And speaking of visiting we used to make many a road trip to Columbus (as teenagers) to see McGuffey Lane.
Do ya know 'em?

1:21 PM


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