Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh Yeah!

Remember that scene in an early episode of "Family Guy" where the Kool-Aid man crashes through the courtroom wall, shouting "Oh yeah!"? And then after freezing in place, eyes sheepishly surveying the room of speechless on-lookers, he then retreats awkwardly, walking backward out of the huge gaping hole in the wall. Bursting into the scene obtrusively, then needing to retreat like a coward fox. OK, so that would be me right now.

If you are wondering why, read my two previous posts. After not one, but two self-indulgent posts characterizing my disillusionment for the holidays, I'm lacking a good segue to start off the new year after the blog taking a real downer dive into prozac nation.

So just in time for mommy's holiday blues to be over it was time to celebrate Andrew's 3rd birthday. No better segue than that, I suppose.

the friends

the obligatory poorly-lit overhead shot of the cake

the #3 candle

the gifts

the crash

Welcome 2009. A new year and a new age! But really, couldn't I have planned this birth better to NOT be around the holidays? Poor kid will get gypped his entire life.


Blogger Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!

10:51 PM


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