Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Cannucks are looking mighty healthy

I suppose I should explain why, on my last post, I put up a picture of Hillary Clinton with the caption "You go, girl." While I understand this is a convention for Barack, I just wanted to commend her for doing something very un-Clinton-esque: accepting defeat. I was a Hillary supporter from the beginning, and while I am sad that she did not get the nomination (because I STILL think she is the better suited candidate), I understand that we must come together and make sure we vote a democrat in the White House. And in so many eloquent words she said to us, "I didn't win, and that's OK, but I'm not going away."

I make no apologies on this blog for stating I am democrat. I come from a long line of active democrats---my parents were both elected officials and very involved in the democratic party on the local level. So while I am still pissed at Nancy Pelosi for her lackluster performance, and the House for not having enough balls to go after Bush I am sure as hell certain that just because my candidate didn't get the nomination, I am not voting for John McCain. It's unfathomable that the 20% of the former Clinton supporters are "not sure" who they are voting for now. C'mon. Really?

I really love in Hillary's speech, too that, in so many words, she's calling Barack to the carpet on the Health Care reform issue, by bringing it up in her speech, giving us a wink that she's going to make sure he sticks to his word when he's in office. (Again, that "I'm not going away" attitude.) And I say "when" because I have to positive. If I watch another election get stolen away, I just don't know what I might do...

Move to Canada?

At least I'll have health insurance.

Now, off to watch Barack.


Blogger Alex Elliot said...

That's good to hear! I'm a Barack supporter and I have to say that I'm always surprised that someone who supported Hillary would support McCain.

8:01 AM


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