Monday, July 28, 2008

Things to do on a Monday

  • Miss your morning breakfast habit
  • Get insulted by your boss
  • Feel like sh*t due to bullet above
  • Tell your son to stop farting at the dinner table
  • Kiss a boo-boo on a thumb
  • Tell a toddler 10 times to go to bed
  • Find said toddler in living room hiding behind the curtain in the dark
  • Put toddler back to bed and let him cry it out
  • Breathe a sigh after the house is quiet
  • Wonder when this child will ever sleep
  • Reads some blogs
  • Write a post
  • Yawn
  • Say goodnight....
Anyone else have a typical Monday?

And sleep finally comes.

(Yes, those are socks on George's feet, because you know, they get cold of course)


Blogger Christina said...

Oh, I understand. I have many days like that.

Sorry about your boss. That sucks.

7:41 PM


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