Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Greed is Good"

My 6 year old son, CJ, and I were discussing the virtues of a part time job during summer vacation. While he is too young to work now, we were discussing some of the jobs kids have to earn some extra money. And it went something like this…

Me: “Well, how about doing the chores around the house for spending money?”
CJ: “Too boring.”
Me: “What about babysitting, that’s a good way to earn some extra money.”
CJ: “I’ve already got Andrew following me around all day! I don’t want to watch more little kids!”
Me: “OK, then how about a paper route, like Phil has. Me and Dad both had a paper route. You could start that in just a few years.”
CJ: “Not enough money! I need to get paid more than what they offer.”
Me (trying not to laugh): “They don’t pay enough? OK, then how about cutting lawns?” CJ: “That would pay the best. And I could hand out business cards and have, like, my own business!”

Later that night while tucking him into bed….

Me: “Ceej, I was wondering, why don’t you think a paper route would pay enough?”
CJ: “Because Phil told me what he makes.”
Me: “Oh yeah? What?”
CJ: “He makes like, 50 cents or something like that. I need a whole dollar!”


Blogger Heather said...

that is great!

5:40 PM

Blogger Mayberry said...

"I've got Andrew following me around all day" -- I love it! It's like he's 16!

9:49 PM


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