Wednesday, December 10, 2008

View from the rear

No, I am not posting pictures of my caboose, but I was thinking today of a post that my online buddy Heather at Cool Zebras posted several weeks ago about the view out of her back door. She has a great view, and so I thought I'd share mine in different seasons.

This one was taken last spring during a very foggy morning:

And then I took this one tonight:

A sort of Frat house draping, and if it weren't so damn cold I'd be out there with a fire pit and a hot totty.

Have some Christmas lights pictures you care to share?


Brace yourself, but I have actually won something. I got an email today from my fellow Columbus blogger extraordinaire, Christina, that I have won a free pair of Lee Jeans from the Mommy's Must Haves giveaway! Suuuuuhweeeeeet! I could use an early Christmas gift to myself. Hey if I could win something so could you! I think the last time I won something "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was #1 on the radio. While on the subject.... favorite 80s song anyone?


Blogger Heather said...

Ha ha! Love the title. Both shots are beautiful. Thanks for playing.

(psst. can I ask you to update your links? I bought the domain and dropped the blogspot. It would be wonderful. Thanks again. I know I'm a pita. Love ya!)

11:53 PM


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